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Give the Gift of Health

How's your health? Do you get enough GREENS? Well now you can and help someone else at the same time. All proceeds will go to my missions trip to the Dominican Republic where we bring Hope and Love and Clean Water through the distribution of water filters that will last up to 10 years.

Take your health back by taking the Core 4

  • VIM Super Food- Organic Green plants and quality plant based protein. Powerful anti-oxidants, organic wildcrafted fruits and vegetables. This Super Food is mild in taste, can be mixed with anything and doesn't alter the flavor of what you are adding it to, unless that flavor is plain of course.
  • The Royal Flush- Eliminate accumulated toxins stored in the body.
  • OHH-Mega- Daily dose of DHA and EPA
  • D-3 Bottle of Sunshine- 400 IU per 4 liquid drops

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